Baby D

Three days and already looking older. They grow up too fast! 

 Dad says I sleep a lot . . .

The hospital had a photographer on staff to take baby pics and she was very good*. Newborn photos sure have changed since my kids were born. We got one shot and, good or bad, that’s all there was.  Ahh, the good old days. . . .

 Baby toes!

* These photos look much better in person. I couldn’t get the tones quite right on the downloaded pics.


Introducing …

Introducing Donovan Richard, our newest grand-love, 

born Monday, April 16, at 1:21 a.m., weighing in at 8 pounds and 20.5” long, 

with a full-head of the softest brown hair you could imagine. 

 One net for dad’s hair, another for his beard.

Mr. D arrived with a bit of drama. Mama was at the hospital, in the first stages of labor, when nurses noted Donovan’s heart rate was decreasing with each contraction. Not good.

 So mad!

Thirty minutes - and one emergency c-section - later, 

Donovan was safely out and in mom and dad’s arms.

 3:20 am. 2-hours old. Dad looks pretty happy.

And lucky me got to hold him when he was just two hours old! 

 Three generations 

Big sister, Leia, met Mr. D on Wednesday.

Looks like love at first sight,

on both their parts. 

Mom and baby are home now, doing well,

and Donovan is gradually meeting the rest of his family.

 Auntie Marie

Fortunately, he is very good-natured and is taking everything in stride. . . so far at least . . .

 Leanne and Donovan 


Mini Baker

Got home late Thursday night and found that Leia had baked (delicious!) chocolate chip cookies all by herself. 

And she did it one-handed. Very proud grandma moment.


Spring Visitor

Look who stopped by to admire our new landscaping. . . 

 Great Egret

He’s (she’s??j been here several times this past week, 

allowing camera-toting hubby 

to get progressively closer on each visit.

Hope he keeps stopping by!


Fiber Art Camp

The big girls* are in their second week of an after-school fiber arts class sponsored by  Studio Channel Islands.

This week was stamping on paper and fabric. They are pretty pleased with the results. (Me too!)

Next week they’ll add marbling to the stamped fabric, so the fish will appear to be swimming.

And bonus - Leia and Leanne each have a girl her own age in the group, which they love. The class was open to kids from 6 to 14, so what are the odds that the 6 participants (including 2 boys) would all pair up age-wise?? Everybody’s happy!

* I need to stop calling them “little” girls since, compared to Jaclyn and Donovan, they are now big kids. They’re growing up too fast!!


Job Counseling

This past weekend, Leia struck one potential job from her “what I want to be when I grow up” list.

“Hover board pilot” is officially a “no”. 

Friday’s X-rays showed a probable break in her wrist - later confirmed by a radiologist - but she also had pain in her elbow, so today the doctor decided to play it safe and recommended a full arm cast. Lucky girl! ( not!!)

She’s taking it pretty well, so far, noting that at least it’s not her right (dominant) hand. But once the novelty of having her friends sign the  pretty blue cast wears off, I think we’re in for 4 long weeks of “it itches!” Poor pretty princess. 


Spring Fever

About now I usually get the urge to plant all. the. green. things . . . and watch them die shortly thereafter. A green thumb has never been one of my strengths.

This year, however, it’s hubby who’s gone planting crazy. He’s transformed the front yard, adding a wine barrel planter, 

an arch and trellis for the new bougainvillea, 

and replaced parts of our poor drought-stricken grass with new brickwork accents.

It looks amazing. And since I didn’t plant them, maybe everything will stay happy and healthy. Crossing my fingers . . .