Hoping For The Best - Indoor Edition

Look what was waiting for us on the sidewalk in front of Home Goods this weekend.

I don't have a good track record when it comes to growing things, but every spring I get the bug to plant, plant, plant!

This year, the little girls and I decided to try our hand at succulents and - miracle of miracles - they are doing well. 

 So well, in fact, that I was running out of places to put them, especially the ones that need to be out of Lily Cat's reach. She loves to nibble on some and dig up others. Soooo (not) helpful.
My new found treasure should keep them out of her reach and look good doing it. Now if I can just remember to water . . . .


Speech Tourney

Tonight was Leia's first speech tournament.

She and her partner have have been practicing a shortened version of  "No Mirrors In My Nana's House" for weeks. 

They made it through the first two rounds,

as did their classmates,

but weren't selected to participate in the final awards round.

  Leia's personal cheering section

Leia was bummed but I think she enjoyed the experience overall. 


I'm betting this won't be her last speech tourney.



Quilt Project Progress

I saw this quilt awhile back and fell madly in love.

  Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman

 My pal Debbie is teaching it in a block-a-month format and so far we've done the fox

  The fox on the left looks like he has eyebrows. Love!

a cat (Debbie's riff on the fox pattern)

and today's bunny.

Good thing Mr Bunny is cute 'cause he was a PITA to make. (Too many small pieces for me). Next month - the owl!


I Can Do It

Leanne decided she wanted to do a little weaving before she went home today. I asked if she needed help - nope, except to move her chair closer to the table and fix one crossed thread about halfway through her session. Be sure to watch her feet when she beats. So funny! 


Jac's First Easter


and Marie 

were both scheduled to work today so we had an early, quick Easter celebration

with an egg hunt, 

board games,

and several rounds of pass-the-baby


and walking-with-Jac

before everyone headed off to jobs or other celebrations.

So happy we were able to get holiday pics with Naia before she went back to her mom's last night. 

She and Leia opened their Easter baskets yesterday at Matt's 

before joining one of the local community celebrations. 

Bouncy, bouncy Easter and Passover, y'all!



Zoo-Bee-Do and Naia Too

Look who joined us for zoo day! Naia is 16 now and has the drivers license to prove it. (Scary thought, right??)

  Jacklyn's first photobombing.

The line for zoo parking was blocks long and not moving when we arrived in Santa Barbara this morning. We figured that meant it was already over-crowded and we almost turned around and left.

So glad we didn't! Not sure what the gate snafu was about, but the crowds were minimal inside the park and the weather was spectacular. 

We checked out all our favorite things -


Giraffe feeding. Check.

Gorilla viewing? Check - and he was viewing them right back, having walked over and seated himself right in front of the viewing window just after the girls got there. Needless to say, they were thrilled. (Leanne kept saying she saw gorilla butt! Lol)

Goat and sheep feeding? 

Yep, we did that.

We watched baby flamingoes 

do their daily walk-about;

compared wingspans with a California condor;

checked out the sleepy fox;

and generally had a super good time.

But the number one, hands down, favorite thing for this crew to do?

Nothing else is even close.


 These girls *love* the hill slide.


 If there was nothing else here, they'd still want to go to the zoo.

 And that, folks,

is the end of our tail. 



Weaving Continues

Leanne and I picked up weaving where we left off on Tuesday and started threading the "holes" in the reed. 

Leanne is a fast learner and was soon inserting the heddle tool (her original job)

and placing the thread so it could be pulled through to the correct place (my original task.) We only made one mistake in the threading and it was, ahem, my fault. Oopsie.

Leanne also learned the proper way to load a stick shuttle. 

It took a couple of tries to remember the figure-8 path 

 but she was a pro by the time we were done. 

I tied the warp to the front beam while Leanne took a break for reading, gummies

and a bike ride to the park 
with Hoppy and Pop. 


Just before bedtime we started the fun part. I showed Leanne the process twice, then let her take over.

 I know I sound like a ridiculously biased Grandma, but she caught on super quick.
 From inserting the shuttle,

to placing the weft thread at an angle,

then firmly beating

before moving the reed up or down. She can do it all.

I'm so d*mn proud, I could spit.